Crafter’s Online Market is a curated (a collection or exhibition) online marketing platform for informal vendors.


Here we give you as an formal or informal vendors the opportunity to setup an online store and start being part of the online arena.  To the many formal and informal vendors this is a foreign concept and will take time to get use to. However once you are familiar with it, you will find your actual market days are less stressful and much more enjoyable with the assurance that once the market is over, your products are still very much available online, getting the exposure they need.

You may already have an online shop and see no reason to have more than one portal for selling your products. The benefits however to have an extra online portal at Crafters Online Market is that we will market the online portal, products on various platforms. You’re products will get exposure you never had before.  They will be showcased not only on Crafters Online Market, but only form part of Facebook, Google+, and  in the near future international platforms.




The idea started in 2012 when we realised that many formal and informal vendors rely on markets and in between their products are all stowed away somewhere in their garages in between.  It then became obvious that, as much as we all love a Saturday morning market, we need a system that will keep us going in between markets.

Crafter’s Online Market hopes to join hands with formal and informal vendors and give their products exposure on rainy days and off seasons when bills are still payable but there’s nowhere to showcase products.

Crafter’s Online Market has no intention of replacing the much loved crafters’ markets, as we believe that is the place to build relationships, benchmark products as well as stay informed about what consumers are looking for.

Crafter’s Online Market fees are reasonable to give everyone the opportunity to be part of this online community and furthermore to make this option a viable option in months when markets are slow and not active.

The best part of joining Crafters Online Market is that each vendor will have their own online shop portal (dashboard) from where they will manage all communications, products and sales.  To find out what this dashboard functionalities are you welcome to follow this link.