About Pargo

Pargo is a convenient logistics solution that lets people collect and return parcels at Pargo parcel points throughout South Africa when it suits them best. Pargo is addressing the challenges of home delivery. People often miss the delivery of a parcel because they are not at home, others live/work at estates or office buildings that are not accessible for couriers. Pargo solves these problems by sending the parcels to the Pargo points where the customer can collect at a time suitable to them. Pargo can also be used to return any parcel. A customer then simply drop’s off the parcel at the Pargo point and we will take of the rest.

How Pargo works in 4 steps:

  1. Shop and choose your preferred Pargo point when checking out.
  2. Delivery will be done to your chosen pick-up point.
  3. You will receive an email and sms when your parcel arrives at the selected Pargo point.
  4. Customers collect their parcels when it when it suits them best.


The MyPargo system is simple and easy to understand, However, there are a few key things to remember when placing new orders.  When placing a new order you are required to specify the parcel weight. There are three options, each of which are equivalent to a different amount of credits.

0-5kg – equal to 1 credit

5-10kg – equal to 1.5 credits

10-15kg – equal to 2 credits

The depot selection option (If more than one warehouse address is provided), will determine where your order is collected from when submitting a “new delivery”. If a customer wants to send something to you, You will then select “New Return”. The store you select here is where the customer will drop the parcel off at. The waybill will then be sent to the customers email address you provide and they will need to print and attach before dropping off. It is of utmost importance that all fields are completed accurately. The contact details for the customer are to have no spaces or country code (+27) as this will affect whether the SMS notification gets sent to customer when it is scanned in at the store upon delivery. Once you have saved your order it will request you to confirm and this will redirect you to another page where the waybill for that order needs to be printed from. After printing, that waybill should be attached to the parcel. This is so the parcel can be captured by the couriers. Please be aware that if there are 2 or more parcels for the same customer at a given time, you may not use the same waybill for each parcel. A new order will need to be submitted for each additional package/box.

For orders placed after 12pm, we cannot guarantee same day collection, and the collection will be carried over for the following working day.

All deliveries to major towns will take between 3 to 5 working days and to all outlying areas delivery can take up to 7 working days.