Are you selling everywhere your customers buy?

Every brand wants to capture its market in totality, to reach customers new and old through mediums onsite and off. Today if your company doesn’t have a multi-channel marketing strategy … good luck keeping up.

Definition: multi-channel marketing is promoting and selling anywhere your customers buy. Beyond advertising, it brings commerce to various channels — namely, marketplaces, social media, messaging apps, and online communities — where your target market already spends their time.

Businesses  must understand where their most-valuable audiences exist and how to harness that data for growth.

The best brands sell to their customers wherever they consume content, whether that is through buyable Pins, shopable Instagram posts, a native Facebook store, or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Houzz, BuzzFeed, etc.  When you create natural purchase paths on those channels, multi-channel marketing comes to life:

Are you selling everywhere your customers buy?

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