Your products are amazing and you should tell the world!

You do crocheted blankets, you paint amazing landscapes, you create handmade soap, you pour scented candles, you make ties or jewelry, regardless of what it is that you produce, your products are amazing and you should tell that to the whole world! Effectively marketing your products should be helped by using quality product pictures. Sometimes it’s all about the way you present your products and that is far more convincing for your potential customers than anything else. Make sure your product presentation is accurate and focuses on showcasing the advantages your products offer.

Here are the three main things to consider when creating your Crafters Online Market:

  • Product title is essential because that is the first thing people browsing through your shop will notice. The title is closely linked to the product picture you have uploaded because these two become inseparable in the mind of your customer. Make sure you choose a title that is accurate and names the product type as well so it also works as a brief instruction and guideline: this is what this product is called and this is what it does/what it can be used for. Feel free to add colors to differentiate identical product variety or diversify the name and make it memorable.
  • Product description: it is important to add a description so your customers will be able to read about your product and as they read they will find extra information that they will remember or they will get answers to their potential questions instantly.You should mention all the benefits your product brings and why they are helpful – this will give an extra push and convince your customers that they have to have what you are selling.
  • Product image is crucial and its quality is key. Appeal to the visual nature of people and offer them beautiful pictures that complete you web shop and that are in tune with the atmosphere of your shop, your products and your personality. Beyond the title and the words that you write, your product image is what attracts and retains the attention of your visitors. The pictures you take of your products should be realistic and they should reflect the state your products are in. If you sell small items, you could use a coin in the picture to give a sense of reference to your customers. Make your pictures colorful and vivid, try to play with angles and lights to find the most advantageous take on your product and upload as many pictures as possible. The Premium Plan that Shoptsie offers allows you to upload 6 images per product so you can take multiple images and show all the details and different sides of the same product.

Keeping these three main things in mind and paying special attention to these will boost your products increasing your sales and they will become visible in a broader sense.

Your products are amazing and you should tell the world!

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